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Showcase startups like a listed company for due diligence and monitoring on engagement in real time for investors, startups themselves, media, government agencies (startup grant giving), hence, validate the 'gut feel' of investing (or not)!

EMStartups is an AI powered due diligence & monitoring platform to supplement/disrupt present day coverage centric of startups with four differentiating attributes, and they become our present 'moat.'

1. Startup sentiment engagement (with 'noise reduction') in time series candlestick will show patterns, reactions to posts, competitor chatter, red flags, etc.
2. Knowledge grid on Startup shows a matrix in heatmap format of the external environment the startup operates: regulatory, environment, governance, partners, etc.
3. Knowledge grid of the founders shows a matrix in heatmap format of the external envrionment that are relevant to stakeholders like regulators, investors, customers, etc, ie, potential red flags.
4. Understanding the role of influencers, both social media and Web, for reach and engagement to connect with the right one to create awareness of the startups and its products/services.

EMStartups showcases a startup (fluctuating based upon daily sentiment of positive, negative or neutral) like a listed company (fluctuating based on daily pricing). The sentiment becomes more liquid (increasing volume of sentiment) as startup moves from seed to series, much like listed companies grow from small cap (illiquid) to medium cap to large cap.

Useful links:
1. Intro video: https://youtu.be/WX7Z89AON1I
2. Founders Video: https://youtu.be/0eAyGD6imWE
3. Two comparison matrix grids https://www.emstartups.ai/comparison
i. First shows 10 categories associated with accessing information about listed stocks compared to startup databases and EMS showcasing startups
ii. Second shows 6 categories associated of stock market analyst compared social media influencers (https://www.emstartups.ai/influencers) and web influencers

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